Life is slippery. Here, take my hand.

~ H. Jackson Brown Jr.
Life is beautiful. It's also messy, overwhelming, and raw, and that's ok; it's meant to be. The thing is, everyone you see thriving out there, isn't doing it alone, and there's no reason you should have to either. From this point forward, we show up, and we do it together.

The Daily Grind...

Sometimes it's like we're in this box. We're surrounded by rules and expectations. We're meant to conform to these societal norms that tell us who we are meant to be, who we are meant to love, and how we are meant to do it. Realistically, we weren't meant to be in a box at all. We were meant to show off our uniqueness, but instead we struggle to find happiness in our communities, careers, and relationships. This daily grind wears us down faster than most because it cuts right to the heart of our sense of belonging, leaving us feeling like our life unlived.

People shouldn't just be striving to survive. You were meant to thrive.

I'm Heather,

I am a professional counsellor, and I get you. Believe me, there's a light at the end of this tunnel. I'm sure you've got a lot to unpack, but trust me when I say carrying all of that baggage on your own is a challenge that's meant to be shared. Let me help lighten the load.

Working with me is easy.

1. Book a Consult

They're free, and they'll provide you with an idea of what working together would be like.

2. Schedule Sessions

I work around your schedule to ensure our time together is constructive.

3. Start Feeling Better.

Together we'll start taking action towards finding the support that's right for you.


After we have spent some time together, you'll have gained a better understanding of yourself, and what you can do to enact real, positive, and lasting change in your day to day life.